Marketing and Sales Management with Modern Technologies

For construction and development companies

Increase your SALES by 0

By building a sales system, integrating modern sales methods and digital technologies

As the business grows, the company faces new challenges. The more customers and employees you have, the more difficult it is to manage business processes. This is when you start losing customers and revenue.

We can solve this problem

Systematization of business processes and implementation of a unified sales system

Implementation of a digital CRM system for customer relationship management

Personnel training and certification

Sales system

The sales system includes the systematization of all activities, procedures, standards and scenarios related to the sales process.

By creating a sales system, you will get a predictable and easy manageable business that operates according to clear rules and algorithms and is open to growth and development.

After the introduction of the sales system:

You will not be constantly searching for "sales stars" ⟶

You will reduce the flow of staff and increase
their efficiency ⟶

You will save on wages ⟶

Your decisions will be based on accurate analytics, not intuition ⟶

You will not have to be involved in the operating processes yourself and you will have more time to develop your business ⟶

Sales growth-oriented CRM system

We will implement an individually adapted CRM system for your company's business processes

The interface of the system is so intuitive that its implementation (1-2 days) and training is possible in the shortest time in 1-2 weeks

You will be able to remotely monitor the effectiveness of each employee and all current communications (telephone conversations, correspondence, the number of incoming leads, conversion, etc.)

When enough statistics are accumulated, the artificial intelligence (AI) of the system will “learn” to predict sales, which will allow you to control the situation until it becomes critical

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I'm very happy with the program, Keti. I have learned to be in control and it saves me a lot of time... I can spend the whole day doing other things outside the office, and in the evening I sit down and take notes so that in the morning they start to correct everything... that is, I have complete control over the process and it's very cool..

David Dvalishvili

I am very pleased with the results of the project. It especially helps me to keep track of daily sales metrics. I'm not just asking about the number of apartments sold, I get statistics on my mobile about customer activity every day. If I don't like the result today, I immediately start working on correcting the situation with the marketing and sales departments. I don't wait for sales to drop.

Manana Giorgadze

I am immensely grateful for your system and approach. In the same month, sales increased by 30%. The girls are also very happy. They can no longer imagine working differently. I will definitely continue to work with you.

Tamuna Khvedelidze


    Keti Kharadze


    Nino Ungiadze


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