Why MSM?

Why MSM?

You will not be constantly searching for "sales stars"

სისტემის არსებობის შემთხვევაში თქვენი გაყიდვების ეფექტიანობა სისტემაზე იქნება დამოკიდებული და არა ცალკეული პერსონების უნარებზე.

Finding and hiring "stars" is a rather complicated and lengthy process. If they do leave, you will have to go through the process of finding and adapting again.

The rest of the "non-star" employees feel secondary and unclaimed. Therefore, staff turnover is high.If they leave, you will have to go through the process of finding and adapting again.

You will reduce the flow of staff and increase their efficiency

In a well-functioning system, all employees have a sense of stability.

The CRM system accurately reflects the performance and results of the sales team and each manager.

A motivational system built on the right competition will give your employees a sense of self-fulfillment and an incentive for development.

You will save on wages

Since your organization will run and sell the system, you will not have to pay astronomical salaries to the “stars”.

Competently distributed functions and the number of employees adjusted according to the plan is another important success factor.

If you have more employees than you need, you are wasting your payroll budget. If you do not have enough staff, the quality of service will decrease.

Your decisions will be based on accurate analytics, not intuition

The CRM reporting system allows you to get accurate statistics in real time.

You will be able to see where your team is having problems, in terms of marketing or sales.

When enough statistics are accumulated, the artificial intelligence (AI) of the system will "learn" to predict sales.

You will not have to be involved in the operating processes yourself and you will have more time to develop your business

A well-functioning operating system requires little or no input from you. Situational scenarios facilitate decision making by first-level managers.

Now you can focus your time and energy on developing other strategic areas.

You already have a team of professionals who know how to manage the sales process, what key characteristics to pay attention to for efficiency, and so on.

Even if you outsource marketing, your team will have a leader who can coordinate marketing and sales activities.