Why MSM?

Why MSM?

We will cut your advertising budget

After the implementation of the CRM system, all types of communications with customers are carried out from the CRM system: instant messengers, email, phone calls, etc.

The entire history of communication (Timeline) is stored in the "client card". And the scenario of future communication is planned in the form of "tasks".

Managers cannot lose sight of a single customer or detail. Thus, your managers can no longer "merge" your potential customers. The effectiveness of advertising will increase and, accordingly, you will need to allocate less budget to get the same number of leads.

We will reduce payroll costs for you

Finding and hiring “sales stars” is a very hard and time-consuming process, and it is difficult to retain them. As soon as they are offered better conditions, they will leave you.

After the implementation of the CRM system, the achievement of the sales goals will depend on the competent use of the functionality of the CRM system, and not on the skills of any persons.

Therefore, you do not have to "hunt" for the "stars" or pay them irrelevant earnings.

We will reduce the turnover of your staff and increase their efficiency

In a well-functioning system, all employees have a sense of stability.

The performance and results of the sales department and each manager are accurately reflected in the CRM system. And their work, measured by specific analytical indicators, gives a sense of self-fulfillment and justice to your employees.

The CRM system helps them organize an effective process of communication with the client, better analyze their achievements, ensure their professional development and career growth.

If you have more employees than you need, you are wasting your payroll budget. If you do not have enough staff, the quality of service will decrease.

Your decisions will be based on accurate analytics, not intuition

CRM analytics allows you to receive reliable analytical information in real time, analyze preliminary performance indicators, deviations from the standard.

You will be able to see where your team is having problems - in the marketing side, or at any particular sales stage.

You will be able to anticipate unpleasant developments and take timely measures to correct the situation.

You can manage your team from anywhere in the world

The actions of each of your managers are reflected in the analytics of the CRM system:

The number and duration of calls, completed and overdue tasks, the status of the plan, the number of leads, the progress of negotiations, etc.

You can monitor or control these and other important parameters directly from the CRM system. Moreover, you can receive a brief analytical digest by e-mail or in a Telegram chat with the desired frequency