What do we offer

Automation of the sales process
CRM system implementation and support
Audit and optimization of the CRM system
Post-integration quality control
Automation of the sales process

In the age of information technology, automation of business processes becomes vital for the company.

We will help you plan the automation of business processes, taking into according the specifics of your company, resources, readiness and global experience.

The success of the company depends entirely on the effectiveness of sales. Therefore, we usually begin the automation process with the systematization of the sales process and the implementation of a CRM system. 

CRM system implementation and support

The implementation of CRM includes several stages. First of all, we study the specifics of business and customer communication processes. Based on it, we draw up a brif.  

then - directly the implementation, adaptation and testing of the system; Employee training.

After completion of the work, we provide technical support to the company and help with quality control.

Audit and optimization of the CRM system

If you have already implemented a CRM system and 1 year or more has passed since its implementation, you will definitely need to update the system and analyze how competently your employees work in it. 

We will audit your CRM system, present an analysis and an optimization plan. 

We will update and optimize the system according to the agreed plan. We will train your employees and help develop standards for working in the system.

Post-implementation monitoring and quality control

The implementation of a CRM system is just the basis for automating your sales. Then the most important process begins. How well do your managers work in the system? Does the company have competent personnel who will provide guidance on compliance with the standards of work in the CRM system? These are the deciding factors on how significant the effect you get in the end.

We will help you control the quality of work in CRM, train your managers and control the adaptation process of your employees. 

We also help companies in developing sales scripts and compiling work standards in the CRM system.

As you know, only 10% of companies succeed in business. Increase sales with the help of modern technologies with us to enter this special 10%.
Keti Kharadze